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Casual dining, fast food, hospitals, hotels, retail, high tech, financial institutions and more all have one thing in common – Waste.

Utilities such as waste and recycling are variable expenses that can be easily managed with the proper equipment and/or services.

FRG Waste Resources, Inc., offers a wide variety of compaction equipment - from indoor and outdoor compactors to balers and shredders – to address the unique requirements of each of our clients.

While hauling costs are constantly rising and recycling programs are becoming tougher to administer, FRG is delivering products to our clients with the goal of cost reduction and operational improvement.

Compaction equipment will provide many immediate benefits such as

  • Heighten Security
  • Reduce Labor Costs
  • Lower Employee Theft
  • Eliminate bin rental fees
  • Reduce costs by 5%-70%
  • Improve Cleanliness & Site Aesthetics
  • Divert recyclable materials and reduce your waste stream
  • Reduce unsightly leaks, garbage smells, pest, insects and more
  • Destroy confidential materials in your office and recycle shredded waste
  • Save wear and tear on your property and lower interference by garbage trucks
  • Realize potential rebates on items such as cardboard, shrink-wrap and other recyclables
FRG has many unique equipment options that work well in almost any application to reduce your waste volume and lower your monthly trash bills.

We always take our time to understand your needs; your facility layout; current costs; materials generated; and trash patterns to determine the most appropriate unit(s) for your operation. Being vendor neutral allows us to spec the most suitable equipment rather than what we have in stock.


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