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FOOD-WASTE PROCESSING & SOLUTIONS. Introducing the eCorect...

Reducing landfill waste has never been more important...

FRG's commitment towards zero waste... The importance of reducing your carbon footprint has never been more urgent.  Using too much fuel to haul waste, the overuse of landfills, the overburdening of sewer systems and the use of too much precious water on waste disposal are green concerns that cannot be overlooked.  Financially, the costs of waste disposal including labor, hauling and utilities are rising at an alarming rate.

Introducing the revolutionaly eCorect, where stainless is the new green. Through a unique dehydrating system, wet food-waste and other compostable materials are processed and reduced producing a dry, nutrient-rich soil amendment that may be used as a landscaping material. The eCorect is environmentally friendly and efficient by reducing trips to the landfill and creating a closed-loop system.  The unit requires no water line, no added enzymes or bacteria-based additives. The eCorect is easy to install, easy to operate and easy to maintain. Available in five different sizes and processing anywhere from 60 pounds of food waste to as much as 3000 pounds of wet food-waste within a single 24 hour

Whether your operation requires waste volume reduction or is focused on on-site waste treatment working towards a zero-waste goal and committed to closed-loop recycling, the eCorect System will work for you.

Solve your green challenges.  Find out more about FRG's Waste-Reducing Systems today.





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