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These days a lot of care is taken to dispose of documents in a secure manner, using various kinds of recycling equipment. Stringent enforcement of data privacy laws makes is essential for all companies to ensure the security of sensitive information related to customer, employee and business. These days a lot of companies are making document management a part of their active policies so that there are fewer chances of identity theft, loss of confidential documents, misuse of sensitive information, and noncompliance with privacy laws.

With so many things to consider, you need the services of FRG Waste Resources, Inc. in the development and implementation of cost-effective, secure and compliant document destruction solution. Our recycling programs can be customized to your specific business needs and you can be sure that we will use the latest recycling equipment such as trash compactors and cardboard balers to carry out the job.

At FRG, we understand the seriousness behind corporate document destruction, and therefore we believe in understanding the needs of our clients thoroughly. Corporate document destruction can also work out to be expensive and utilize a lot of company resources. In addition it also requires the best recycling equipment to ensure that the job is done efficiently.

That’s why we begin by performing an assessment of the site and an evaluation of your potential cost savings. This helps us design our recycling programs to reduce cost, while keeping several other factors in mind, like security, alternatives for recycling, and diversion of materials. Our recycling equipment and solutions will free up your staff, and create a document destruction program that is secure and closely managed.

Whatever it is you may require, from trash compaction equipment and proprietary materials removal to document destruction and comprehensive waste/recycling management programs, FRG Waste Resources, will be able to handle it all.


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