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Companies tend to amass a great deal of material over time. Items from a variety of document types and miscellaneous goods to out-dated and non-compliant products. Other materials may include: pallets, metals, plastics, shrink-wrap, cardboard, old furniture, expired office products, scrap, clothes and other disposables or recyclables.

Managing the collection, removal and proper disposal of these items can be time consuming, costly and take up valuable company resources.

FRG Waste Resources, Inc. will facilitate the removal of most any material and provide confirmation of proper destruction/disposal. We have the experience and know-how to quickly and professionally accommodate your materials removal needs as a scheduled service or on-call.

FRG Waste Resources, Inc. can also arrange for routine pick-up services or "purge days" to allow each of your departments and employees to clean out their workspace and remove any materials on a regular basis.


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