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Protecting your confidential documents is vital to corporate security. Retaining these documents at your facility is often a reality. Doing both is essential. Many companies keep standard file boxes full of confidential materials in unsecured storage. This creates a risk of exposing that data to unwanted and curious eyes or, worse yet, left open to theft. These materials are often quite sensitive and can cause great harm to those whose information is in question.

FRG Waste Resources, Inc. can help address this need by providing secure bins to capture and store these documents at your facility. With our protective lock boxes, you can be assured that your sensitive materials are kept safely and confidentially in your storeroom or office closet.

Once your materials are no longer needed or the necessary retention time has expired simply call FRG Waste Resources, Inc. to arrange for pick up or delivery of your bins. We will then destroy all the contents immediately and provide you with a certificate of destruction.

This is also a good service for smaller businesses that do not warrant frequent pick-ups. Shipping the boxes is often easier and provides a secure method to capture and dispose of many materials


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